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  • I live in In my bookshelf, in my future neighborhood, which I totally do not have all planned out
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is Listening to Christmas songs all year round
  • I am Queen Cheesy, Queen of Cheesians, and of course, I am Obviously awesome (:
  • Bio Let me be your superhero, there isn't a place I won't go, whenever you need me by your side, I'll be there, be there, never be afraid of you fall, I'll carry you away from it all, let me be your superhero, let me be your superhero. ~Ross Lynch, Superhero
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  • Tuesday, September 24, 4:00pm

    Hello Crystalllllllllllllll,

    I am sooooooo collllllldddddddd. It's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing in this classroom.. Thank God this class is almost over. And after this only one more class then I get to go home. next class i'm probably gonna be writing to you next class. (Present Marshy here. idk why I wrote that I'm gonna eb writing to you twice, but whatever.) Both these classes are really good and inspiring but no notes in either but I gotta keep occupied or else I'll fall asleep. WAIT A SECOND. Detroit is Michigan?!?!?!? I did not know that! I always thought it was in like Massechusets or smth. (Srry bout that- my teacher just mentioned it was in Michigan and I was flipping out.) I'm sooo tired. I almost fell asleep a few classes ago. Oh, the bell rang! Brb.

    Baaaaaaackkkkkk! I'm E.X.A.U.H.S.T.E.D. (Or however you spell that XD). At least in 40 minutes I get to leeeeeaaaaave. I'll probably sleep on the van. I also need the bathroom but idk if I should go cuz we had her earlier and I also went to the bathroom then, so it kind of looks like I'm ditching... It wouldn't be a problem except kids in my class do ditch. There's only about 30 mins left to class now tho, so maybe I'll wait. Idk tho. I guess I'll have to wait and see. I have so much hw it's not normal. 10th grade is so hardddd. So much workkkkkk. It's. So. Tiring. Oooh we're reading something I guess I gotta go byeeee.

    Oki doki, I'm back! About ten minutes left to class. it was a cool story that we read and now she's telling un another one. I'm listening but my hands need to to be occupied so I don't fall asleep. (That was another mistake lol. I must've been really tired.) Idk how I'm gonna do all that hw tonite. Hopefully this nap I'm planning to have on the van. And my throat is hurting. Maybe I'm getting sick. I mean about half my family has a cold rn so maybe. Wow I think this is the ninth post-it in this "letter". But I'm also writing big. Idk. 6 more mins left. I just counted. It's the 10th post-it XD. YAY WE'RE DISMISSEDD BYE

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  • September 23, 1:51pm

    leelee Crystal, (idk why I started like that but whatever.)

    Spanish class is soooooooo boring. Especially since we just finished a quiz, so we're not even learning anything. And ugh, my hair's a wreck. And I'm kinda stressing for Foxfire.


    Chumash now. It's boring cuz just finished quiz. It's last period, but I gotta stay after school to take a test. Uuuuuuuugggggghhhhhh. BUT, on the bright side, my dad's picking me up! Oooh we're starting gtg.

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  • September 19 1:10pm

    Hey Crystal, 

    I'm in Jewish History class but we haven't started the lesson yet. I just started feeling really sad and like I might cry. Idk why. I need a KK hug. But we're in class. And now I gotta go pay attention

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  • Halo Crystal!

    I'm in school, having a really good day in the best class ever. But I'm a little bored cuz we don't need to take notes in this class. I'm paying attention but I'm also writing. I was copying over notes until now but I copied all i could for now lol. So now I'm writing to you cuz I gotta keep busy. This class is really good and the teacher is sooo eccentric but I love her sooooooo much. She screams cuz she gets so passionate lol. I love her class. It's so entertaining and delivers such an amazing message. One day I'm gonna type up all the notes she gives us cuz I want them saved on the computer for myself and I can send them to you. I actually have to do it tho lol. (Present Marshy here: Still haven't typed them up, but when I do the offer still stands if you want). CLASS IS OVER IMMA GO EAT BEFORE THE NEXT ONE CYA.

    Okay, so I'm back. this is the last class pf the day and it's the first time we're having it (Based on that this letter was probably written in September.) but its 's'upposed to be really good and plus I already had this teacher for a different class. I'm bored since I finished my in-class work so I'm writing. Again. Plus writing calms me, sooooo I guess it's a good thing to do even tho I'm not writing a story or poem and I'm not anxious rn. We're starting again so I should go now BYE!

    Aaaaaand I'm back. It's only been a few mins lol. This is a boring yet meaningful class that we also don't take notes in so again I'm writing and also paying attention. And I'm really hungry but still 20 min til I can go home and I'm booooooooooooored. And also hungry. I want my popcorn but I can't eat it now. Maybe I'll take some gum. Yeah, I'll do that. Okay, have gum. This is the sixth post-it on this very long letter lol.

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    • Idk why s'upposed to be really good and plus I already had this teacher for a different class. I'm bored since I finished my in-class work so I'm writing. Again. Plus writing calms me, sooooo I guess it's a good thing to do even tho I'm not writing a story or poem and I'm not anxious rn. We're starting again so I should go now BYE! is in bold but okay

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    • Ooooh, sounds fun!!! And yeah, sure!! I'm glad you found something that helps! (Maybe I'll try it sometime :D) 


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  • I have been writing letters to you in class for a while now, and I always wanted to send them to you but I never had time. So I'll be sending them to you here ig

    tho you will be spammed

    Also most of them are dated but not all

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  • More please! I'm dying to know what happens in A Fighting Child!

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  • is dis your sandbox/personal wiki?

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  • .*waves*

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